Affordable law. Top criminal lawyers. Melbourne, Sydney, Hobart, Adelaide.

Take the stress out of police charges.

Have a top criminal defence lawyer act for you at a fraction of the cost of a traditional law firm. Melbourne, Sydney, Hobart, Adelaide & regions.

Affordable law. Top criminal lawyers.

Criminal lawyers in Melbourne, Sydney, Hobart, Adelaide & regions.

MyDefence creates a better process for clients looking to resolve their police charges without going to trial.
No upfront payment. Just pay your lawyer the low fixed fee before your next court date.


Manage everything online.

Monitor your case progress with your MyDefence account (Registration is Free). Our tech lets your lawyer provide great service at affordable fees.

Your lawyer advises & negotiates.

Our top criminal lawyers referred to you will negotiate with police, prosecutors and courts and advise you on your defences.

Take away the stress.

Our referred lawyers remove the worry and stress by reducing the number of court appearances to get you the best result.

Typical charges that lawyers we refer defend.

MyDefence is redefining access to justice with our digital-first legal service at a low fixed fee. For this fee, MyDefence connects you with top criminal defence lawyers who can defend any charge that is heard at a magistrates' or local court.

Driving & traffic offences.

Drug offences.

Theft & deception offences.

Assault & battery.

Proceeds of crime.

Weapons offences.

Criminal damage.

Public disorder.

Been charged with a criminal offence?

Just tell us the police officer's name and location and we'll refer a lawyer to start on your defence.

How our process compares to an old-school criminal law firm.

Most traditional criminal law firms will charge you per court appearance, even for basic adjournments. MyDefence's referred criminal lawyers work smart. They use digital tools to negotiate the best outcome for you before they even get to court. This means they can set their fees much lower for the same or better result.


We're redefining how criminal lawyers work with clients

Are you a top criminal lawyer?

If you're a human rights oriented Australian lawyer who is passionate about delivering affordable justice for everyone, we'd like to hear from you.  Contact us for a chat about joining our network.